NNJSDA Grand Square Cover Contest Rules

Revised Contest!
(Formerly "Poster/Flyer Contest")

  1. Members of NNJSDA member clubs are eligible to enter. There is no limit on the number of entries.
  2. The winning entry will be featured on the cover of the fall issue of Grand Square, and the winner will receive an artist dangle.
  3. All entries must be created electronically as a Word table measuring 5" wide by 5" high. Text may feature either black or colored fonts. All text must be editable (not in the form of a picture).
  4. The subject may be any square dance theme, though it may not be localized to a particular geographical area. Do not include your name as part of the design.
  5. For samples of past winners, visit nnjsda.org/covercontest/winner.php. Please keep in mind that previous entries were also used as posters or flyers for class/club promotion; therefore, the size and layout are different from the current guidelines.
  6. Submit your entry as an email attachment to covercontest@nnjsda.org by March 1, 2015.
  7. The NNJSDA Executive Board will select a winner at its March 2015 meeting.
  8. All entries will become the property of the NNJSDA, and may be used to promote square dancing in various ways.
  9. If you have any questions, please contact 3rd VP Carol Casale at 908-399-3490.

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