Just for Fun!

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57.2 (January 2015)

It was a Pajama Night theme dance at Belles & Beaux, with Howard Richman calling. As it turned out, Howard had also been asked to call at a private party, and the young couple who hired him wanted to see him in action before signing the contract. So, he had given them this date and venue where he would be calling, and invited them to come and watch him – which they did. When they left, Howard told us that, upon seeing the pajama-clad group, the couple had said: “How very sweet. What is this, a home, where the residents have been let out for the night to dance?”!!
Don Schlesinger, RocklandRockytops


57.3 (May 2015)

Several of us had just graduated from Plus lessons and were attending our very first Plus dance, to the calling of Glenn Matthew. We found ourselves in an almost all “newbie” square, and unfortunately, were breaking down a bit more than anticipated. One of our group was especially being challenged. All of a sudden, I realized that we were actually dancing more than not, and looked up to see that we had become a square of nine instead of eight. Glenn (with his portable mike) was calling from our square, while simultaneously helping the challenged dancer through the paces!
Pat and Tom Duemig, Circle Eights


58.2 (May 2016)

Harvest Moon 2015. I’m a she who danced he, and he danced she. Confusing? Not until Saturday night, when she wore slacks and he wore a kilt. The square was befuddled. Is there a name for that, they asked? Yes, “arky”! How simple is that?
Mary Lundin, Middletown Ramblers


Many years ago, the annual January Jubilee festival was held in Philadelphia. At the first festival I attended (in 1980), there were more than two squares of Rutgers Promenaders in the Plus hall. We decided to have some fun by holding a “challenge of the sexes” – one square all guys and the other all girls. We squared up right in front of Lee Kopman. He looked at us and the rest of the hall, and knew we had the strongest squares on the floor. He tried everything to break us down; he threw out calls that weren’t even on the list and formations that would collapse a typical Advanced floor. Nothing worked! Neither square broke down during the entire tip. By the end, the other squares had stopped dancing to cheer us on. I was dancing the man’s part and Roy Gotta was my partner, having stuffed rolled-up towels under his vest in the appropriate places. This was just one of the many times during the weekend that I had a blast.
Ken Robinson, Rutgers Promenaders


A number of years ago, I called four club nights in a row and then an afternoon Brownie troop “Date with Dad.” When I called “four ladies star right, four men star left,” I forgot to tell the little girls to go home (not needed at clubs, but needed with beginners). I ended up with a number of squares in which the dads starred left over the girls’ star – a cute pattern I can only use at that type of dance, and which I have done deliberately ever since.
Dan Koft, Caller


58.3 (September 2016)

Norman and I were dancing in Brussels – the only couple in the square whose native language was English. The caller was Australian. He had arrived that day on a nonstop trip through Newark, New Jersey. The others kept asking us, “What did he say?” Our reply: “We didn’t understand him, either.” It took three tips before the floor was moving smoothly.
Barbara Kanter, Western Wheelers/Hix & Chix


I was babysitting my four-year-old grandson when he asked if he could play on my phone. I told him that I didn’t have any games on my phone, but he could look at my photos. Considering there aren’t very many of them, I was surprised that he was keeping quietly occupied for quite a bit of time. I looked over and noticed that he was moving his finger back and forth along the bottom of the screen. Over the photos? What was he doing? Taking a closer look, I saw that he had opened my Taminations app and was playing with the “dancers” – moving them to and fro, quickly and slowly, all over the dance floor! Now, whenever I babysit, he asks to “play on my phone.” At this rate, I wonder how long it will be before he’s ready for the real dance floor!
Tom Duemig, Circle Eights and Western Wheelers/Hix & Chix