NNJSDA Documents

The following NNJSDA Documents are available for downloading/printing:

2017 - 2018 Dues and Assessment Process By November 1, the Assistant Treasurer requests a roster from each member club president:
* Word or Excel document using one of the attached templates.
* Information for every member of the club as of November 1. (Note: At least eight members are required for continued eligibility in the NNJSDA.)
* Each member’s name, address, phone number, and email (if applicable).
* Separate list, if desired, of honorary or life members (those who remain on the club roster, but no longer pay dues and/or no longer dance, and therefore do not count for assessment purposes), clearly designated as such.
* Name and title of the person submitting the roster.
* Emailed to reach the Assistant Treasurer by November 15.
* Copies will be provided to the NNJSDA President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Webmaster/Listmaster, and Grand Square Editor. The Webmaster/Listmaster will email an invitation to club members who are not currently subscribed to the NNJSDA email info-list, inviting them to subscribe. They will only be added to the list if they respond to the invitation stating that they would like to join.
2017 Freeloader Form When you attend at least three of the NNJSDA Summer Dances and the Mini-Festival in the same year, you are eligible for the Freeloader award. Have the record below signed by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer at the dances. Upon obtaining the final signature at the Mini-Festival, you will receive a dangle and free dance coupon to use at a future NNJSDA dance. One dancer per signature box, please.
2017 - 2018 Raid Program The NNJSDA Raid Program promotes interaction among clubs and provides a financial incentive for visiting other member clubs. Points are awarded for each raid based on the distance between the clubs.
Raiding Goal: 200 or more points (Program can be completed twice in each dance season)

*** Updated September 2016 ***

Raiding Rewards:
* Fun of dancing with other clubs
* Reduction in NNJSDA dues
Incentive programs offered by the NNJSDA Incentive programs offered by the NNJSDA -- Updated August 2016
2016 Host Club Assignments To simplify the responsibilities of our member clubs, please note that there are only two assigned host clubs per dance. We urge everyone to keep refreshments SIMPLE – finger food only. If you choose to bring something other than finger food, we ask that you also supply a serving utensil and, if necessary, forks or spoons. Your help in setting up the hall half an hour prior to the dance start, as well as cleaning up during the last tip and following the dance, would also be appreciated. If your club representative(s) cannot attend an assigned dance, it is the responsibility of the club to change dates with another club and notify the NNJSDA Corresponding Secretary. Your help and cooperation are very much appreciated. Thank you!
Upcoming Student Level Dances, etc. 2015-2016 Upcoming Student Level Dances, Barn Dances, Special Events
One Square Is Fair Program 2015-16 The “One Square Is Fair” program rewards member clubs for supporting NNJSDA events by providing dues reductions the following year. For the dance season 2015-16 (June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016), the Executive Committee has established the following guidelines:

1. Clubs must have at least one square of official members who pay the admission fee in attendance at a minimum of 50% (rounded down) of scheduled NNJSDA dances. Clubs may complete the program twice in one dance season.

2. For 2015-16, the number of dances required to complete the program is 6.

3. For the Midterm Student Dance only, officially registered students may be counted with the club that sponsors the class.
Distribution of Grand Square This document describes how the Grand Square is distributed.
Submitting an ad to Grand Square Guidelines for submitting an ad to Grand Square
Submitting an article to Grand Square Guidelines for submitting an article to Grand Square
Music for your next RAID Promenade How to present your RAID music to callers -- put together by Joe Kwiatek from the Hunterdon Flutterwheels & CCNJ
NNJSDA Constitution and Bylaws 2013 Revision NNJSDA Constitution & Bylaws, which outlines the relationship between the Association and Member Clubs and the policies surrounding them.
2012 Club Roster Template (Word format) Use this template for submitting the club roster to the NNJSDA. Word format
2012 Club Roster Template (Excel format) Use this template for submitting the club roster to the NNJSDA. Excel format
NNJSDA Member Club Dues and Assessment Policy The NNJSDA assesses Member Clubs dues, Grand Square Assessment, and optional Insurance coverage. This is the policy for 2012/2013.
Patron Form When you visit a Member Club on its regularly scheduled dance night (as determined by the Recording Secretary’s master list of Member Club dances), have a Club officer sign and date this form. When you have visited 65% of the Member Clubs (rounding down to the nearest whole number(1)), give the form to the NNJSDA Recording Secretary (listed in the current Grand Square). Upon verification, you will be awarded a Patron dangle and a coupon valued at the current admission fee for an NNJSDA dance(2).

* There is no time limit on completing the form and old versions of the form will always be valid.
* Multiple forms can be worked on at the same time but only one club signature per night is allowed.
* One dancer per form is recommended because couples may not always attend the same dances.
1) As of March 2015, there are 18 Member Clubs so 11 signatures (including your own club(s)) would be required to achieve patron status.
2) Coupons may be used toward regular dances or accumulated and combined to use toward a Mini-Festival ribbon.
NNJSDA Bookmark 2009 - blank template Insert local club contact and other information onto the blank bookmark template and print it directly onto the back of the bookmark page before cutting. Be certain the front and back line up exactly before cutting. (Print sample pages.)
NNJSDA Bookmark 2009 - 8 to a page Distribute bookmarks to libraries, bookstores, doctor’s offices, schools, colleges, etc. Clubs may alter the bookmark to include local information, or put local contacts on the back via labels, handwriting, or printing onto the blank template. Be certain the front and back line up exactly before cutting. (Print sample pages.) Print onto card stock or laminate one or both sides for durability.
Tax Exempt Status and Square Dance Clubs 2009 Square dance clubs are considered tax exempt 501(c)7 Social Organizations for tax purposes. Tax exempt status is lost if no Form 990-N is filed for three years. Since the rule was first applied for tax year 2006, clubs have to file this year.
Generic Cuer Contract CALLERLAB has recommended the contents of this Cuer contract, edited for this area of the country.
Generic Caller Contract CALLERLAB has recommended the contents of this Caller contract, edited for this area of the country.
NNJSDA's Carousel History The NNJSDA sends a display annually to the National SD Convention for the Showcaseof Ideas. Consisting of a carousel of dancers, state and national flags, and plaques won from various activities, this tells the story.
Grand Square History April 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of the Grand Square. Click here to read a short history of the magazine written by some of its editors.
NNJSDA Officer Job Summaries Job summaries for all NNJSDA elected officer positions (President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, 3rd VP, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer)
2019 NNJSDA Calendar 2019 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.
2018 NNJSDA Calendar 2018 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.
2017 NNJSDA Calendar 2017 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.