Square Dance Lovers

Twenty loving couples responded to the request for people who met and married through square dancing.Summaries of their stories were printed in the January 2012 issue of Grand Square (Vol. 54, No. 2).

Nancy (Caufield) and James Anderson
Dot and Don Coy
Pat and Don Elliott
Mary Ann (Ryan) and John Erdek
Nina and Al Gerhold
Betsy (Seele) and Roy Gotta
Carin (Williams) and Frank Gufert
Patrice and Bill Hartung
Sharon and Charlie Kittner
Kathy and Dan Koft
Ann (Tulp) and John Lovatt
Dianne and Don Madden
Linda (Leslie) and Rick Murphy
Ginny (Overberg) and Jeff Platania
Helena and Ken Robinson
Connie (Seiler) and Terry Schmalzried
Mary (Cottone) and Bill Sellar
Holly and Bill Smythe
Alice (Tulp) and Andrew Goodell (Husband #1)
Alice (Tulp) and Michael Winnick (Husband #2)
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