What are the programs of square dance instruction?

(MS) Mainstream: After completing this first level, you will be able to dance in clubs around the country and the world. Mainstream is easily mastered in a few months and provides an enjoyable way to meet and socialize with others.

(PL) Plus: This is the second level of instruction, adding more calls to those learned in Mainstream. Many clubs offer alternating Mainstream and Plus dancing.

(A) Advanced: Advanced follows Plus, offering two levels of additional calls (A1 and A2) for those who are more serious about the activity and willing to study and work at it a little harder.

(C) Challenge: Challenge follows Advanced for those dedicated souls who want to continue adding to their dance skills. There are five sets of calls: C1, C2, C3A, C3B, and C4.

(RD) Round Dancing:  Round dancing is choreographed ballroom dancing using traditional rhythms, and can be learned without knowing square dancing. Similar to the live callers at square dances, there is a live cuer at round dances. The cues are a sequence of ballroom steps danced by couples who move in a circle around the dance floor.