The Dream 2018  (Dancers Recuiting, Educating, and Motivating) May 5 event was a day of square dance education attended by over 120 dancers.  The day’s agenda  offered sessions that addressed facets of square dancing and attendee interests.  The event closed with a dance called by Mike Kellogg and Betsy Gotta and Rounds cued be Roy Gotta.  

Attached are the day’s keynote speeches and session handouts.


DREAM 2018

Betsy Gotta Keynote - Good Things about Square Dancing - How can we encourage new dancers to join?

Each of us needs to be an ambassador for our activity.

Roy Gotta Keynote - They're in the door, now what?

You've done all your marketing. You've done your best to get dancers in the door, and you have a group of eager dancers ready to join our activity. What are you doing to keep them?

Enticing Club Members to Become Leaders

We need to retain our students, have them join the club and get involved in the club!

Talking Up Square Dancing

Do you ever get a strange look when you mention that you square dance? This session will review the benefits of square dancing and how you can talk "up" the activity to interest friends, colleagues, and family to take lessons and join a club.

The Art of Angeling

All of us have benefited from having an angel by our side at our lessons. The angel's job, in ad dition to helping and dancing with a student, is to provide encouragement. This session explores the dos and don'ts of angeling and how dancers can be better angels.

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