NNJSDA Documents - For NNJSDA

2018 Host Club Assignments for NNJSDA Dances

List of clubs providing refreshments for this year's NNJSDA dances.

2018 NNJSDA Calendar

2018 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.

2018-19 Student Dances, Barn Dances and Special Events

List of 2018 & 2019 student level dances, barn dances, and club events.

2019 NNJSDA Calendar

2019 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.

2020 NNJSDA Calendar

2020 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.

NNJSDA Club Incentive Programs.pdf

Incentive programs offered by the NNJSDA -- Updated August 2016

NNJSDA Constitution and Bylaws 2013 Revision

NNJSDA Constitution & Bylaws, which outlines the relationship between the Association and Member Clubs and the policies surrounding them.

NNJSDA Officer Job Summaries

Job summaries for all NNJSDA elected officer positions (President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, 3rd VP, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer)

Sample Contract for Callers/Cuers

CALLERLAB has recommended the contents of this Caller and Cuer contract, edited for this area of the country.

Tax Exempt Status and Square Dance Clubs 2009

Square dance clubs are considered tax exempt 501(c)7 Social Organizations for tax purposes. Tax exempt status is lost if no Form 990-N is filed for three years. Since the rule was first applied for tax year 2006, clubs have to file this year.