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Sep 2019

Issue 61.2
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Grand Square, the official publication of the NNJSDA, is published twice a year, in May and September. The magazine offers news about NNJSDA member clubs, a calendar of local and other dance events, information on programs sponsored by the NNJSDA, dance-related articles, and more.

All issues of Grand Square, from its inception in 1959 to the present, are available here for viewing online.

Beginning with issue 61.2 (September 2019), the following components of Grand Square are available online only:  Club News and Advertisements. A calendar of all advertised events is included in the main magazine, both in print and online.

Information information on submitting articles for publication in Grand Square.  

Information on submitting advertisements to Grand Square.

information on submitting entries to the annual Grand Square cover contest.  See our current and past winners.

information on the distribution of Grand Square.