The National Square Dance Convention and other gatherings may hold a Parade of States in which dancers march together by state. They usually wear the same outfit or color combination.

The New Jersey square dance outfit colors are kelly green and white, based on the “Garden State” concept. Outfits usually include kelly green and white garments (such as vests, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, and pants) accessorized with kelly green and white belts, ties, bolos, aprons, petticoats, shoes, etc. Pants for both men and women can also be black.

The state emblem is a kelly green and white embroidered outline of New Jersey with a gold embroidered star at the location of the dancer’s home club. It should be attached to the outfit in a prominent and tasteful place. The emblem is available at NNJSDA dances for $7.50.

Vest patterns for men and women can be borrowed from the Association’s assistant treasurer. Sample state outfits can be seen below on the right.

New Jersey State Outfit

NNJSDA Mini-Festival - 1998

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 1999

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2000

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2001

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2002

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2003

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2004

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2005

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2006

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2007

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2008

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2009

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2010

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2011

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2012

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2013

NNJSDA  Mini-Festival - 2015

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New Jersey State Emblem

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Sample New Jersey Square Dance Outfits