NNJSDA Documents - For Dancers

2024 NNJSDA Calendar

2024 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.

2025 NNJSDA Calendar

2025 Calendar with NNJSDA released dates and events.

COVID-19 and Square Dancing

Guidelines for Square Dance clubs for dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak

Freeloader Form

When you attend at least three of the NNJSDA summer dances and the Mini-Festival in the same year, you are eligible for the Freeloader award. Have the record signed by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer at the dances. Upon obtaining the final signature at the Mini-Festival, you will receive a dangle and an NNJSDA dance coupon.

NNJSDA One Square Is Fair Program 2024-2025

The One Square Is Fair program rewards member clubs for supporting NNJSDA events by providing a dues reduction the following year. The program can be completed twice in each dance season.

NNJSDA Visitation Program

The NNJSDA Visitation Program promotes interaction among clubs and provides a financial incentive for visiting other member clubs. Points are awarded for each visit based on the number of club members visiting.

Patron Form

When you visit a member club on its regularly scheduled dance night, have a club officer sign and date your form. When you have visited 65% of the member clubs, give the form to the NNJSDA Recording Secretary (listed in the current Grand Square). Upon verification, you will be awarded a dangle and an NNJSDA dance coupon.